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Discover on our famous clay paint ready to use, available in a range of 125 colors, it will surprise you by the thickness of its texture, quality and very good coverage. Already adopted by many of our customers, our matte finish clay paint, is made of natural pigments that allow it beautiful colors that resist fading over time. 100% natural, it does not smell, or volatile organic compounds (voc) present in traditional paintings. Finally, as all coatings clay, this painting is breathable, will participate in the humidity control in your home. You should know that the clay paint is not washable but wipeable, apply on a wall that is not likely to be stained.

Clay paint and environmentally friendly paint, it's on

Want to change the decoration of your interior walls? Think of a natural coating that releases no voc or noxious odors, think about your family health. On you find clay paint and a variety of environmentally friendly paints available in many colors, different paints for different application surface, walls, radiators, showers, baseboards, parts find their specially adapted painting, kitchens, living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms. Whether dispersion paint, lacquer or clay paint, you can choose the same color for all applications, in the shower, on your window frame on your radiators, walls etc.. An environmentally friendly range of shades paints for all your paint surfaces, it is on!

In addition to clay paint browse other environmental coatings for your home

In addition to the dispersion paint or lacquer, two naturals products available in the same colors for you to wash the walls painting, you will find on a host of other environmental wallcoverings. The coating of clay and clay paint complement each other very well. The clay coated bring some style to your home, choose the color you like and when applying, go for a finish, gross, smooth or textured. You want an organic painting, other than clay paint, which is washable and applicable both indoors and outdoors, discover the lime paint, French made it comes in 16 shades. You always like the marbled effect ? You dream of having perfectly smooth walls with a marble effect with subtle shades of colors in your shower, or in your living room. Look no further, this is the lime stucco available in our store for you. Walls strawberry or fig or almond color anyone? In this case you are a pretty good alternative to clay paint, the bio paint, with a matte or velvety, this bio painting is from renewable resources. Shop at optimal conditions

On you get a wide range of painting, clay and plaster ecological, our customer service is available every day and even on weekends until 7 P.M. You can also ask us any questions on the clay paint or other, by email at this address: You are different payment methods available, secure payment by credit card, bank transfer, paypal and check. Our delivery time is about 3 to 5 days for France, one or two weeks for other country, for details are the delivery and sales conditions go here.


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